Bicycle Transportation Research

Do you have research that you’ve done that needs to be disseminated?

The Bicycle Transportation Committee encourages you to submit your research findings in the form of a paper for presentation at the Annual Meeting and publication in Transportation Research Record. Each year we select 10-20 papers for presentation at the meeting and 5-10 papers for publication. All papers go through a peer review process. Only the best papers are recommended for publication. Check the TRB Annual Meeting web site for details on deadlines (usually August 1) and the submission process.

What is a good paper for publication with TRB Bicycle Transportation Committee?

Are you looking for research ideas?

The Bicycle Transportation Committee has developed several research needs statements (RNSs) that are in the Transportation Research Board's RNS database.

The Committee has also developed a list of ideas for research that could be done by university students (undergraduate and graduate) as a class project, independent study, or theses/dissertation.

Bicycle research database (ongoing project)

Click here to download a Microsoft Access database compiling bicycle transportation research.