Joint Subcommittee on Pedestrian and Bicycle University Education

Subcommittee Purpose

The Subcommittee Pedestrian and Bicycle University Education is a joint subcommittee of the Bicycle (ANF20) and Pedestrian (ANF10) Committees. It has three main responsibilities:

Subcommittee Members

The subcommittee is chaired by Rebecca Sanders of UC-Berkeley ( and co-chaired by Lynn Weigand ( of Portland State University. Other subcommittee organizers include Robert Schneider of UC-Berkeley ( and Laura Sandt of UNC-Chapel Hill (

See the full list of subcommittee participants.

Activities to Date

Pedestrian and Bicycle Transportation Education Workshops

A series of workshops were held at conferences, focusing on Pedestrian and Bicycle Transportation Education at the university level. The first was held at ProWalk/ProBike in 2008, followed by a Sunday workshop at the Transportation Research Board (TRB) Annual Meeting in January 2010, and again at ProWalk/ProBike in 2010. The following are notes from the meetings and a spreadsheet of participants in the workshops:

Listing of University Course Providers

In effort to facilitate a network of course instructors and monitor the number of pedestrian and bicycle courses being taught, the subcommittee has assembled a listing of course providers it has been made aware of; this list may not be complete and some information may have changed. Additionally, many course instructors have shared course materials (such as course syllabus, web sites), which can be found at the Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center web site. Please contact Laura Sandt ( to be added to this list or to share course materials on the site.

For More Information

For more information on subcommittee activities or to join the subcommittee, please contact one of the co-chairs: Rebecca Sanders ( or Lynn Weigand ( For questions or concerns with the web site, please contact Laura Sandt (