About the Bicycle Transportation Committee

This Committee (ANF20) is concerned with all aspects of bicycling and bicyclists and criteria for bicycle facilities to assure that the bicycle rider has safe, convenient and efficient travel.

This Committee is chaired by Dr. Jennifer Dill (jdill@pdx.edu) of Portland State University.

Bicycle Transportation Committee -- Chaired by Jennifer Dill; Research Subcommittee chaired by Martin Guttenplan and Jamie Parks; Papers/Program Subcommittee chaired by Kevan Shafizadeh and Ralph Buehler; Membership and Communications Subcommittee is chaired by Dick Schaffer and Michael Jackson.

The Bicycle Transportation Committee has three subcommittees: Research, Paper/Program, and Membership & Communications. The Research Subcommittee is responsible for developing Research Needs Statements, identifying ideas for Synthesis and IDEA topics, developing a list of research ideas for students, identifying potential funding sources, working to get research priorities funded, and tracking research activities in other TRB committees, federal agencies, and other organizations and identifying opportunities for inclusion of bicycle issues. The Paper/Program Subcommittee is responsible for the paper review process and developing the bicycle program at the Annual Meeting. The subcommittee also develops calls for papers. The Membership & Communications Subcommittee reviews and makes recommendations for new members and emeritus membership, develops content for committee’s web site, and identifies additional ways to keep members of the transportation community apprised of bicycle research. These subcommittees report progress and findings during the general Bicycle Committee meetings.