Transit Resources and Research

web Active Living by Design - Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Active Living by Design
Archived presentations hosted by Active Living by Design ...more >
graphic Corvallis, OR, Bike Map, City of Corvallis
This map shows bicycle routes for the City of Corvallis, OR, and a portion of Benton County. ...more >
document Columbus Avenue Neighborhood Transportation Study, San Francisco County Transportation Authority
This report outlines results from a survey of individuals along Columbus Avenue in San Francisco, CA. Results show that a majority of individuals rely on walking, biking, and transit to reach the area. ...more >
document Curbing Cars, Transportation Alternatives
This study examines the travel, shopping and spending patterns of visitors, residents and workers on Prince Street, a vibrant commercial street in the historic SoHo neighborhood of Manhattan. ...more >
document Understanding How the Built Environment Around TTA Stops Affects Ridership, Department of City and Regional Planning, UNC-Chapel Hill
"This study determines the characteristics of urban development that related to Triangle Transit Authority (TTA) bus ridership levels in the Triangle region of North Carolina." ...more >
document Guidelines for Providing Access to Public Transportation Stations, Transportation Research Board, Transit Cooperative Research Program
This report presents guidelines for providing access to transit stations, and specifically addresses transit station access for pedestrians and bicyclists. ...more >
document A Summary of Design, Policies and Operational Characteristics for Shared Bicycle/Bus Lanes, University of South Florida, Florida Department of Transportation
This report contains the results of an investigation of the design and operation of shared bicycle/bus lanes in municipalities in the United States and other countries. ...more >
document Pedestrian and Bicycle Facilities - Traveler Response to Transportation System Changes, Transit Cooperative Research Program (TCRP)
This report explores traveler response to nonmotorized transportation facilities both in isolation and as part of the total urban fabric, along with the effects of associated programs and promotion. ...more >
document Cycle-Rail Toolkit, Association of Train Operating Companies
This toolkit reviews existing practices that promote and enable accessibility of rail transit services for bicyclists. ...more >
document Active Transportation for America, Rails to Trails Conservancy
Investment in a more diverse transportation system - one that provides viable choices to walk and bike - will lead to a far more efficient use of transportation resources. ...more >