Canadian Transportation Research Forum 45th Annual Conference

05/30/2010 – 06/02/2021

Toronto, Canada

The transportation and logistics landscape has changed dramatically in recent years. Shippers have attempted to minimize their working capital by reducing their inventory and measuring their impact throughout the supply chain. Carriers have attempted to become more efficient and responsive as a result, while new global trade patterns have emerged with China and India. Government policy has favoured deregulation after a period of direct involvement in transportation ownership and provision of service. Individuals are expecting greater mobility and increases in population and trade are
strains on the existing infrastructure. Therefore the basic theme of the 2010 CTRF Conference is Transportation and Logistics Trends and Policies: Successes and Failures.

These global and domestic developments have raised several issues which this conference will explore and debate. Beyond the main conference theme, provoking sessions will examine emerging issues and trends in areas such as: safety, logistics and goods movement, urban transportation, human resource issues and the environment.