Urban Street Symposium

06/24/2007 – 06/27/2007

Seattle, WA, USA

The purpose of the Urban Street Symposium is to stimulate improvements in suburban/urban street design practices. It will provide a forum to compare and debate alternative street design practices, document better street designs, and transfer urban street research findings to state agencies and to local governments. Presentations, discussions and exhibits will focus on the latest research, policies, and practices for street geometric design, including safety and operational effects. The previous Symposia proved that practitioners, policy makers, and researchers face similar issues and learn much by sharing their challenges and successes with concerned colleagues.


For more information, please contact:

Jim Gattis: (479) 575-3617, jgattis@uark.edu

Kay Fitzpatrick: (979) 845-7321, k-fitzpatrick@tamu.edu