APBP National Complete Streets Workshops

Description: Complete streets policies help communities create road networks that are safe and inviting for everyone, including bicyclists, drivers, transit operators and users, and pedestrians of all ages and abilities. The National Complete Streets workshops help state and local agencies develop and implement effective policies to routinely create complete streets. The National Complete Streets Coalition offers two interactive workshops developed with APBP to help you learn how to balance the needs of all users. Both workshops are led by national experts.

Policy Development Workshop: This interactive workshop helps state and local agencies develop effective policies to routinely create "complete" streets. In a collaborative process, participants review existing policies and internal procedures and work together to start to create a complete streets policy customized to the community, region, or state.

Policy Implementation Workshop: This interactive workshop uses a hands-on exercise based on a local street to learn a new six-step decision-making process for routinely including and balancing the needs of all users. Workshop participants also learn about the four steps to complete streets implementation and assess how well existing policy and implementation compare to an ideal complete streets policy.

Target Audience: Both workshops are designed for 30 participants targeting traffic engineering, public works, roadway design staff; transportation, community development, and land use planners; bicycle, pedestrian, and transit program staff; mayors, city, county and planning commissioners, and MPO Boards; and stakeholders and advocates for seniors, people with disabilities, children, walking, biking, transit, and health.

Length: 1 day each

Contact: For workshop prices and schedules, contact Linda Tracy by email at Linda@apbp.org or at 406-880-3880

Web link: http://www.apbp.org/?page=Complete_Streets