Bicyclists ride dangerously

Unsafe biking behavior can also contribute to conflicts with motor vehicles. Some of the poor behavior by bicyclists can be attributed to ignorance of traffic laws or of the proper way to ride a bike. Some behavior is a product of poor bicycling environments that cause bicyclists to act improperly when they feel that it is not safe or convenient to use the existing facilities.

To encourage safe biking behavior, act as a role model in your community and follow the general rules:

  • Obey the signals. Bicycles are vehicles and must follow the same traffic signals as motor vehicles. In some areas, bicyclists may be able to proceed cautiously through the intersection at a red light after yielding to any cross-traffic, but these areas are rare exceptions.
  • Use arm signals. When changing lanes or turning, signal which way you will be going.
  • Get the appropriate gear for riding at night. Front and rear bike lights should be used when riding at night. Reflectors (on spokes, pedals, etc.) are a supplement to, but not a replacement for, bike lights. When riding at night, wear something retro-reflective—any bike store will have low cost clothing, vests, leg bands, etc. with retro-reflective material. Lights are also available for helmets and other areas of the body for additional visibility.

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