Other Local Organizations

Other local organizations that can help you vary from community to community, but often include:

  • School-based organizations such as parent/teacher groups or safety committees
  • Neighborhood and/or homeowner associations
  • Local chapters of national safety groups such as Safe Kids, American Society of Safety Engineers, and National Fire Protection Association
  • Groups interested in bikable and/or sustainable communities, such as the Alliance for Biking and Walking
  • Hospitals, clinics and emergency room physicians and nurses
  • Organizations such as the American Heart Association or Lung Association who have local offices
  • Providers of youth or senior services, such as Boys and Girls Club, senior centers, and YMCA
  • Recreation groups, such as the local chapter of the Sierra Club, walking or hiking groups, and bicycling groups
  • Business and merchant organizations
  • Civic organizations such as the Rotary Club, Lyons Club, etc.
  • Traffic Safety Committees

The first step is to identify local organizations and learn more about their mission and activities. Often the easiest method is to review their web site or speak with a member. Show how your goal of improved walking conditions fits in or supports their goals. This will help identify organizations most likely to provide resources and support your efforts.

The approach to involving other groups depends upon your outcome. If you want support for a one-time event or project, giving an informative presentation at the group's meeting or to a member may suffice. Initial contact could be through a letter, email, or phone call providing the background information and requesting an opportunity to make a presentation.

If you want to establish a community-wide program that requires months or years to implement, an effective strategy is to build a coalition with groups with compatible outcomes. For examples, visit Initiate Change for additional information about the power of collaborating with others to achieve your outcome.