Group Organizing


  • Work within an established group or club where possible.
  • You can develop a group with no prior structure. This will require effort, but may be useful in that you can work with others to establish a focus on specific issues from the ground up. Begin by reaching out to individuals that you suspect share your vision.
  • Incentives—keep your group focused by documenting efforts, successes and setbacks. The success of your group will be based on the incentives that drive participants. Always keep in mind what goals you are pursuing.

Group structure and issues

  • Recruit members that share your vision. Develop concise, reasonable mission statements that are representative of what your group is all about.
  • Develop feasible goals that are in keeping with the vision and mission of your objectives.
  • Focus on how to go about achieving your goals. Study the successes of groups that have had similar goals. Create new approaches to set new standards.
  • Refine your group's vision, mission, and goals.
  • Develop a plan that that uses realistic strategies. Be as specific as possible in your planning efforts.
  • Work on making your communication efforts as clear and concise as possible.
  • Set up well structured meetings. Fight against group complacency. Take full advantage of volunteer time.