Pedestrian and Bicycle-Related News

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City touts 'bike friendliness' of rail
Honolulu Star Bulletin - 08/30/2009
San Francisco asks judge to lift ban on bike plan
San Jose Mercury News - 08/29/2009
Wrightsville Beach issues official support for bike plan
Star News Online - 08/26/2009
Montreal exports its bike-sharing program
New York Times - 08/13/2009
Group seeks opinions on region's bike issues
Clackamas Review - 08/04/2021
Plan seeks city bike consultant
Columbia Daily Tribune - 08/04/2021
City releases Oahu Bike Plan
KITV - 07/29/2009
Council bill requires buildings to let bikes in
New York Times - 07/29/2009
Push for pole-less meters has cyclists circling
The Associated Press - 07/16/2009
Making way for bicycles, city plans one lane for cars on Spruce - 07/14/2009

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