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Help city planners design a bike-friendly Philly - 04/18/2009
Biking has its (tax) benefits. Or does it?
The New York Times - 04/14/2009
Urban design turning kids off being active
ABC Science - 04/13/2009
Green light at the end of the bicycle path
The Seattle Times - 04/11/2021
Sharing the road on Humboldt Street
Press Democrat - 04/11/2021
Hit the ground pedaling
BU Today - 04/06/2021
City plans transit center for bicyclists
The Courier-Journal - 04/02/2021
Traffic cycle
The State - 04/01/2021
Updated bicycle plan goes to council
YumaSun - 03/29/2009
S.F. is gearing up for bike lane plans
San Francisco Chronicle - 03/24/2009

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