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Blue Cross announces sponsorship of new bike share program in Minneapolis
Reuters - 09/02/2021
Jerseyans cycle-commute for fitness and lifestyle (and it's green, too)
New Jersey Newsroom - 08/25/2009
Zoo-ming along: Naples Zoo switches from golf carts to bikes
Naples News - 07/21/2009
Walkable community helps keep you active
USA Weekend - 06/28/2009
The tricky transition to two wheels
Irish Times - 04/22/2009
Urban design turning kids off being active
ABC Science - 04/13/2009
Green light at the end of the bicycle path
The Seattle Times - 04/11/2021
Portland - overview - 02/16/2009
Why $40 Million for cycle paths is a sound economic move
BTA Ebulletin - 02/15/2009
Low-carbon dating: Biking gets hearts racing
San Francisco Chronicle - 02/12/2020

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