Pedestrian and Bicycle-Related News

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Washington governor and legislators introduce climate action plan; $419M for transportation projects
Green Car Congress - 01/31/2009
U.S. bill targets “silent engine” safety
Canadian Driver - 01/28/2009
Street Smarts: New bicycle light aims to set the night rider aglow
The Mercury News - 01/26/2009
Euro NCAP to launch new safety star ratings - 01/20/2009
Cars share cameras, radar sensors
EE Times - 01/09/2021
City discussing sharrows on new transit mall - 01/08/2021
Nationwide bicycling network planned
The Korea Times - 01/08/2021
2008: A Look Back - 01/01/2021
26 Million Car Journeys to School Could Be Saved by Innovative School Run Scheme
Green (Living) Review - 12/16/2008
Safety patrols monitor pedestrians, cyclists
Daily Press - 11/04/2021

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