Pedestrian and Bicycle-Related News

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City road plan could limit speeds to 20 mph
Chicago Tribune - 05/11/2021
Wales Enforces the Addition of Pedestrian and Cycling Paths to All Roads
PFSK - 05/10/2021
Boulder study sheds light on bicycle, pedestrian accidents
Daily Camera - 02/04/2021
Pennsylvania may soon join other states with 'safe passing' laws to protect bicyclists
Penn Live - 01/18/2012
New research predicts which cars are likeliest to run lights at intersections
MIT News - 11/30/2011
Campaign aims to stop bike, pedestrian deaths
Miami Herald - 11/12/2020
Grand Army Plaza Gets Plenty Of New Traffic Safety Features
NY1 - 11/09/2021
Knowing the rules aids peaceful coexistence for bikes, cars
Boston Globe - 09/15/2011
Sidewalk signs regulate campus traffic
Utah Statesman - 08/31/2011
Kids paint South Seattle mural for safety
The Seattle Times - 08/28/2011

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