New Study of US Bike Share Programs to Begin

News Brief

November 1, 2021

CHAPEL HILL, NC — The Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center (PBIC) and Toole Design Group announced today that they will be conducting an independent, national study of current bike sharing programs in the United States. The PBIC is funded through a cooperative agreement with the Federal Highway Administration. The final report with an anticipated release timeframe of approximately eight months will be a resource of information about the implementation of the different bike sharing schemes and provide a guide for cities that are considering investments in bike sharing infrastructure. 

The study will explore the evolution of bike sharing in the US, define success factors, explore funding models, explain demographic and geographic trends affecting the implementation of programs, recommend a step-by-step approach for implementation in cities in the start-up phase and will discuss measures to increase demand and expansion of existing programs. 
The research team will solicit information on bike share program implementation from State, County and City Departments of Transportation (DOT) charged with implementing bike sharing programs in their localities.  The project will be guided by a National Bike Sharing Committee comprised of experts from implementing agencies.  The Committee will help facilitate the exchange of best practices and ideas on different program goals, infrastructure requirements, funding programs and system sustainability, vendor selection and management, and community engagement which are necessary for development and expansion of a bike sharing system.  

For more information please contact Mauricio Hernandez, Toole Design at (301) 927-1900 or via email, or Carl Sundstrom, PBIC at (919) 843-4963 or via email at