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document Guidelines for Bicycle and Pedestrian Facilities in Texas, Texas Transportation Institute, Texas Department of Transportation, Federal Highway Administration
An overview of the process for planning various types of bicycle and pedestrian projects is provided. ... more >>
document Smart Mobility Framework: Phase I Report (Revised) Definition and Principles Workshop Summary, Caltrans and Environmental Protection Agency
A joint project by Caltrans and EPA to develop a framework for classifying and prioritizing transportation and development projects with a multimodal approach. Caltrans is currently developing this into a Smart Mobility Handbook. ... more >>
document Getting to Smart Growth: 100 More Policies for Implementation, International City/County Management Association
This guide is the fourth primer in a series written and distributed by the International City/County Management Association (ICMA), the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Smart Growth Network. ... more >>
document How the Built Environment Affects Physical Activity, American Journal of Preventive Medicine
This article reviews the current methods of measuring the built environment and travel behavior, and discusses the challenges to determining the connection between environment and physical activity. ... more >>
document Pedestrian- and Transit-Friendly Design, Florida Department of Transportation and American Planning Association
A quick guide to pedestrian needs that must be considered during development. Attention is given to the placement of parks, buildings, transit stops, and sidewalks that create a network to connect these amenities. ... more >>
document Cómo Alcanzar el Desarrollo Inteligente: 100 Políticas Para Su Implementación, International City/County Management Association
This Spanish-language guide is the fourth primer in a series created to introduce communities to the benefits of "smart growth." ... more >>
document The Impact of Community Design and Land-Use Choices on Public Health, American Journal of Public Health
This report describes 37 questions that resulted from a workshop on the relationship between the built environment and physical and mental health. The full text may be obtained from PubMed Central at the link below. ... more >>
document Cómo Alcanzar el Desarrollo Inteligente, II: 100 Políticas Adicionales Para Su Implementación, International City/County Management Association
This is the Spanish-language version of the second part of the "Getting to Smart Growth" guide. ... more >>
document FITTING PLACES: How the Built Environment Affects Active Living and Active Transportation., Go for Green
This discussion paper is intended to provide an introduction to how the design of cities and town influences the behavior of the people who live in them. ... more >>
web Florida Pedestrian and Bicycle Research Reports, Florida Department of Transportation
The Florida Department of Transportation conducts research on issues related to pedestrians and bicycles. Go to this section of the Department website to download some of the available reports (in pdf format) ... more >>