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document Field Test Results of the Multimodal Level of Service Analysis for Urban Streets, Transportation Research Board
Field Test Results of the Multimodal Level of Service Analysis for Urban Streets (MMLOS) explores the result of a field test of the MMLOS in 10 US metropolitan areas. ... more >>
document Practical Methods for Analyzing Pedestrian and Bicycle Use of a Transportation Facility, Center for Transportation Studies
The objective of the project is to analyze existing technologies used for the process of generating counts of bicycles and pedestrians in transportation facilities. ... more >>
document How to Engage Low-Literacy and Limited-English-Proficiency Populations in Transportation Decisionmaking, Federal Highway Administration
This report documents "best practices" in identifying and engaging low-literacy and limited-English-proficiency populations in transportation decisionmaking. ... more >>
document Driver Attitudes and Behaviors at Intersections and Potential Effectiveness of Engineering Countermeasures, Battelle Human Factors Transportation Center, Federal Highway Administration
The objective of this focus group study was to identify driver attitudes and behaviors related to intersection safety and to assess the likely impacts of new or existing infrastructure-based technologies/ ... more >>
document Human Factors Literature Reviews on Intersections, Speed Management, Pedestrians and Bicyclists, and Visibility,
The report is a comprehensive and easy-to-use resource that summarizes the knowledge and practices that are relevant to human cognition, perception, and behavior in the areas of intersections, speed management, ... more >>
web Active Living by Design, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, UNC School of Public Health.
Active Living by Design is a national program that establishes innovative approaches to increase physical activity through community design, public policies and communications strategies. ... more >>
web BIKESAFE: Bicycle Countermeasure Selection System, Federal Highway Administration (FHWA)
BIKESAFE is intended to provide practitioners with the latest information, available for improving the safety and mobility of those who bicycle. It is an expert system that allows the user to select appropriate countermeasures or treatments to address specific problems. ... more >>
document Centers for Disease Control Injury Fact Book, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
This document looks at the nature and costs of injuries in the United States. Information on pedestrian injuries may be found on page 66 of the document, and information on road traffic safety starts on page 71. ... more >>
document Traffic Safety Bilingual Glossary, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA)
This glossary provides traffic safety terms and phrases in both English and Spanish. ... more >>
multimedia Ride Smart. It's Time to Start., National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA)
This funky, fast-paced video uses humor, real-life examples, computer graphics, and a peer-to-peer approach to teach middle and high school youth about how wearing a bicycle helmet can protect them from serious injuries ( ... more >>