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document Pedal Power: A Legal Guide for Oregon Bicyclists, Bicycle Transportation Alliance
This book is a collection of information about bicyclists and the law in Oregon. ... more >>
document Chapel Hill, NC: Bicycle and Pedestrian Action Plan, Town of Chapel Hill
This is a concise, general plan that provides a foundation for future pedestrian planning. ... more >>
web Links to bicycling organizations and resources provided by Bicycles, Inc., Bicycles, Inc.
This page contains an extensive list of links to bicycle clubs, industry suppliers, advocacy organizations, and touring outfits. ... more >>
document Arizona: Statewide Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan, Arizona Department of Transportation
This is a guide for making pedestrian-related transportation decisions at the State and local level. The plan provides a long-term agenda for implementing a system of pedestrian facilities on the ADOT State Highway System and seeks to coordinate the relationship between ADOT and smaller jurisdictions. ... more >>
document Pedaling for Health, Bikes Belong
This flyer provides information on the health benefits of biking, instructions on maintaining the tires, and positioning to avoid injury. ... more >>
web Links to bicycle advocacy web sites provided by ProBicycle, ProBicycle
This page provides links to a variety of sites supporting vehicular cycling, including national, state, local, and advocacy orgranizations. ... more >>
web Links to bicycle education and safety sites provided by Chainguard, Chainguard
This page provides links to safety and educational sites. ... more >>
document Seattle, WA: Regional Bicycle and Pedestrian Implementation Strategy for the Central Puget Sound Region, Puget Sound Regional Council
This regional plan identifies more than 2,000 miles of needed bike lanes and oaths and pedestrian improvements around activity centers. ... more >>
web Boulder, CO: Transportation Master Plan, City of Boulder
Pedestrian planning is fully integrated into the Boulder, CO Transportation Master Plan. The plan outlines modal split targets of 15 percent by bike and 24 percent by foot by 2020 and offers a variety of resources to transportation officials seeking to increase pedestrian travel. ... more >>
document Orlando Area Bicyclist Crash Study, Metroplan Orlando
This report documents a study of 885 crashes between bicyclists and motorists in three counties in Florida, and identifies countermeasures. ... more >>