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document Effective Treatments of Over and Undercrossings for Use by Bicyclists, Pedestrians, and the Handicapped, Federal Highway Administration
This study provides information about over and undercrossings directed toward planners, designers, and decision makers who are trying to best serve the needs of bicyclists, pedestrians, and the handicapped, ... more >>
document An Investigation of the Potential for Pathways Shared by Pedestrians and Bicyclists, Federal Highway Administration (FHWA)
This report provides level of service and volume measurements in addition to measurements of conflict potential in order to determine the potential for shared pathways for bicyclists and pedestrians. ... more >>
document Innovative Traffic Control: Technology and Practice in Europe, International Technology Exchange Program, Federal Highway Administration
Presents the state of the art of emerging technologies for traffic control devices. ... more >>
web Traffic Safety Digest, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA)
This page highlights case studies of pedestrian and bicycle safety projects around the United States, dating between 1996 and 2003. ... more >>
document Toolbox of Countermeasures and Their Potential Effectiveness for Pedestrian Crashes, Federal Highway Administration (FHWA)
This issue brief documents estimates of the crash reduction that might be expected if a specific countermeasure or group of countermeasures is implemented with respect to pedestrian crashes. The crash reduction estimates are presented as Crash Reduction Factors ( ... more >>
web Tool Kit for Integrating Land Use and Transportation Decision-Making, Federal Highway Administration
The objective of this tool kit is to provide a user-friendly, web-based source of methods, strategies, and procedures for integrating land use and transportation planning, decision-making, and project implementation. ... more >>
document Making Cycling Irresistible: Lessons from the Netherlands, Denmark, and Germany,
With the combination of aggregate data and case studies this paper shows how the Netherlands, Denmark, and Germany have made bicycling safe anc convenient in their small and large cities. ... more >>
document Pedestrian and Bicyclist Safety and Mobility in Europe, Federal Highway Administration (FHWA)
The purpose of the 2009 international scanning study was to identify and assess effective approaches to improve pedestrian and bicyclist safety and mobility. ... more >>
document Evaluation of the Rectangular Rapid Flash Beacon at a Pinellas Trail Crossing in St. Petersburg, Florida, University of North Carolina Highway Safety Research Center, FDOT
This report is an evaluation of the installation of the rectangualr rapid flash beacon (RRFB) where the Pinellas Trail crosses 22nd Avenue N in St. Petersburg, Florida. ... more >>
document Intermodal Transportation Planning and Development: A Closer Look at Linking Transit to Bicycling and Walking, Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center (PBIC)
Using bike facility construction, regional collaboration, and encouragement, Tucson enhanced accessibility and improved intermodal connections. ... more >>