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document Bicycle Safety Rodeo Manual, Kiwanis Pediatric Trauma Institute
This document describes bicycle rodeos which the Kiwanis Pediatric Trauma Institute believes are a proven way to teach safety skills to children in a fun setting. ... more >>
document Travel and Environmental Implications of School Siting, Environmental Protection Agency
"Travel and Environmental Implications of School Siting," released by the EPA on October 8, 2003, is the first study to empirically examine the relationship between school locations, the built environment around schools, ... more >>
document Smart Bikes: Public Transportation for the 21st Century, City of Alexandria, Virginia
This paper explains the Public-Use Bicycle (PUB) concept, examines a PUB, and discusses the present and planned applications of the Smart Bike. ... more >>
web Second Generation Traffic Calming Project, Creative Communities International
The goal of the book is to give cities and residents new tools to tame traffic that don't interfere with existing measures, particularly around schools and in neighborhoods. ... more >>
document Bicycle Tourism: Texas' Untapped Resource, Texas Bicycle Coalition
This pamphlet describes the ways that bicycling can improve the local economy. ... more >>
document From the Margins to the Mainstream, Surface Transportation Policy Partnership
Designed to demystify complexities of transportation laws, programs and processes, the Guide can help take advantage of opportunities to make communities healthy, safe and livable. ... more >>
multimedia Bicyclist Share the Road, Vermont Pedestrian and Bicycle Coalition
This radio public service announcement encourages bicyclists to practice safe and considerate behavior when using the road. ... more >>
document Streets for People: Your Guide to Winning Safer and Quieter Streets, Transportation Alternatives
Streets for Poeple is a tool kit of solutions for traffic problems around New York City, which can be applied elsewhere. The document includes information of crashes, highlights case studies, and reviews a number of traffic calming measures. ... more >>
multimedia Bike and Pedestrian Projects: Best Practices in New Jersey and Beyond, Transportation Policy Institute
This presentation shows examples of good pedestrian and bicycle design in New Jersey. It discusses the need for pedestrian and bicycle facilities and the impact that walkable designs have on public health. ... more >>
multimedia Bike Safety Cartoon, Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh
This cartoon teaches children to check their helmets, brakes, handlebars, and tires before riding. ... more >>