Seattle Bicycle Share Feasibility Study

Bike-Share Studios, University of Washington College of Built Environments

This report assesses the feasibility of a public use bike-share system for Seattle, Washington. Colloquially referred to as "bike-share" or "bike-sharing," such systems are considered a form of public transportation. Bike-share bicycles are intended for short-term use and are accessible via automated check-out systems. An important benefit of bike-share systems is the flexibility to return rented bicycles to any station within the system, thereby encouraging use for one-way travel and the "final mile" of a trip.

The four major chapters of this report represent the organization of our research and analysis. The topic areas are:

  • Introduction: Bike-share history and the structure of our study
  • Demand Analysis: Our analytic and forecast methodologies along with results of their application
  • Policy Framework: Consideration of governance institutions and their effects on system implementation
  • Bike-Share Program Recommendations: Summation of our findings and recommendations for how Seattle should proceed

Filed in: Promoting Walking and Bicycling, Plans and Policies

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