Exemplary Human Environment Initiatives (EHEI)

Federal Highway Administration

The EHEIs, now in their third year, recognize and publicize transportation initiatives that make our transportation system work better for the people who use it. Since 2008 we permit projects to be submitted for joint consideration with the Exemplary Ecosystem Initiatives (EEIs). This joint recognition demonstrates that environmental achievements do not have to be divided between natural and human initiatives, and offers the opportunity for the same initiative to receive recognition in both EHEI and EEI status.

The goal of the EHEIs is to make things better for people when they use our Nation's transportation system while remaining conscious of any natural environmental consequences. We want to find either new or better ways of doing things. The Human Environment encompasses all of those situations where people are affected by transportation. This includes:

  • Encouraging people to be more physically active in their modes of travel;
  • Making changes to the transportation infrastructure;
  • Improving how we plan and implement changes to transportation processes;
  • Educating people about the benefits of human centered transportation;
  • Using technology in creative ways; or
  • More cross cutting issues

Please look for and tell us about transportation projects or activities in your community that deserve to be replicated in other communities. By spreading the word about these initiatives, we can not only give credit for thee accomplishments, we can be sure that other places can benefit by implementing these exemplary human environment initiatives. The annual deadline for nominations is usually in April.

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