Columbus Avenue Neighborhood Transportation Study

Pedestrian Survey Findings

San Francisco County Transportation Authority

Main Survey Findings:

  • Transit and walking are the main two modes used by both visitors and residents of the area, regardless of income.
  • Those who drive to Columbus Avenue are most likely to be visitors from outside San Francisco, and the top reasons they drive to Columbus Avenue are because they come in large groups or there is no transit near their homes.
  • Transit users and walkers spend less on average per visit than auto users, but come to the area at twice the frequency for recreational purposes.
  • Because of the higher frequency of visits, transit riders and pedestrians spend more than drivers on recreational activities on a monthly basis.
  • The majority of respondents indicated that what they liked the most about the area is the pleasant atmosphere and the restaurants. This indicates that enhancing Columbus Avenue's sidewalk culture is key to attracting visitors as well as San Franciscans to the area.
  • Weekday respondents indicated to the same degree that they dislike the street congestion, the slow transit speeds and the difficulty of finding parking. Weekend respondents mainly commented on the difficulty of finding parking.
  • The majority of respondents would choose to invest new transportation funds in faster and more reliable transit service.
  • While approximately 40 percent of respondents who drove to the area did not pay for parking, nearly 25 percent on weekdays and nearly 35 percent on weekends paid more than $10 to park. This indicates that parking supply consists of both under-priced on-street parking and higher-priced off-street parking.


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