Smart Mobility Framework: Phase I Report (Revised) Definition and Principles Workshop Summary

Caltrans and Environmental Protection Agency

This report compiles the results of a two-day workshop on "Smart Mobility" sponsored by Caltrans and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Development, Community and Environment Division (EPA DCED). The workshop, held on September 17 and 18, 2008, was a critical launching point for a collaborative initiative between Caltrans and the EPA Smart Growth Program led by the DCED. The initiative began with EPA's selection of Caltrans as the recipient of technical assistance to develop a "Smart Mobility Framework" to assist with implementation of multi-modal and sustainable transportation strategies in California. The first phase of the effort, now completed, was supported by EPA and resulted in a preliminary proposed set of Smart Mobility principles, along with supplemental material prepared in advance of the workshop. A second, more extensive phase now underway, is using Caltrans State Planning & Research funds to create additional tools to assist Caltrans and partner agencies in developing and evaluating plans, programs, and projects to support smart mobility objectives ranging from improved transportation choices to reducing the transportation sector's impacts on climate change.

The remainder of this report is organized into two main sections:

Section 2 - Smart Mobility Definition and Principles: This material presents a basic definition of Smart Mobility with related principles. Workshop attendees will notice significant expansion and revision of the preliminary principles. These changes are based largely on the contributions and suggestions of workshop attendees and members of the project's Technical Advisory Committee (TAC). The revised material will be subject to further review before being used as the basis for subsequent steps in the Smart Mobility Framework project. Many of the comments and topics raised during the workshops that are not reflected in the material included here will be addressed in subsequent project phases.

Section 3 - Workshop Notes: For each of the workshop sessions, this section provides notes on participant comments and facilitator wrap-up comments. An overall synthesis is provided in the reprint of the consulting team's summary PowerPoint slides created for the TAC meeting at the conclusion of the workshop.

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