Case Study No. 12: Incorporating Consideration of Bicyclists and Pedestrians into Education Programs

National Bicycling and Walking Study

Federal Highway Administration

This report describes coverage of bicyclist and pedestrian topics in each program type at the time of writing: school-based pedestrian and bicyclist programs, and driver education and licensing programs. Public information and education (PI&E) materials that were identified while collecting materials for study are described. In addition, the capacity of education and licensing programs to accommodate additional coverage is described.

Recommendations of strategies for incorporating bicyclist and pedestrian topics into educational program are provided. Samples of the major topics are identified, and a summary form is provided for each topic. Included are a brief background statement on the topic; specific points to be made to bicyclists, pedestrians and drivers; and recommendations regarding how the topic can be covered in school-based curricula, driver education and licensing materials, and driver PI&E programs.

This report is one of twenty-four reports in the National Bicycling and Walking Study series.

Filed in: Community Problems and Solutions, Education

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