Bikeways: State of the Art, 1974

Federal Highway Administration (FHWA)

The recent phenomenal growth of bicycling activity has been paralleled by accelerating concerns for increases in bike-involved accidents and demands for good recreational and utility-oriented facilities on which to ride. All jurisdictional level have reponded with enforcement, development of bikeway locational and design criteria, and provision of physical facilities. Unfortunately, U.S. planners and designers were generally unprepared to deal with the bicycle and programs were based largely on intuitive judgements, European experience, and trial and error. Results of initial experiences in various localities are now becoming available. This "State of the Art" report focuses on planning and design practices employed to date, reviews their successes and failures, outlines practices which appear to contribute to bicycle facility utility and safety, and idetifies design pitfalls.

This report is one of four documents to be published in connection with this study. A final technical report and user manuals on design and location criteria are also available.

Filed in: Engineering, Plans and Policies

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