Review of Guidelines and Standards for Accommodating Bicycles & Getting Bicycles Through Intersections

Rutgers' Voorhees Transportation Policy Institute

"This paper begins with a general overview of cycling conditions and facilities used in New Jersey and comparing them with conditions and facilities used in various other places, where cycling is a more common mode for general travel and commuting. The VTPI team believes
that some of the problems New Jersey faces in promoting bicycling are missing links and clarifications among its manuals and guidelines. More importantly, the existing guidelines do not recognize the complexity of New Jersey's roadways and traffic conditions and thus do not allow local officials, planners and engineers to choose optimal alternatives for their particular situations. Providing more detailed guidelines for a variety of facilities and prioritizing investments in missing infrastructure will improve cycling conditions throughout the state and create more opportunities to establish bicycling as a viable means of transportation.

"Considering that many safety hazards and conflicts occur at intersections where all the different modes converge, the second part of this paper specifically focuses on design issues related to getting bicyclists through intersections based upon previous findings and recommendations within the first section of this paper."

Filed in: Engineering, Plans and Policies

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