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Welcome to PBIC CURRENTS, the current awareness service for the Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center. Each issue of CURRENTS will focus on a new topic relating to making our communities safe and friendly places for walking and bicycling. We will feature the most current books, articles, websites and other information resources telling what the U.S. and the world are doing, saying, and writing about bicycling and walking.   Read Currents No. 7
  This issue showcases resources that promote physical fitness, better health, and safety among young bicyclists and pedestrians.

Issue 8 (3-22-02) Young Bicyclists and Pedestrians — Resources for Promoting Fitness, Health and Safety

Issue 7 (2-18-02) Recreational Facilities for Walking and Bicycling — Information Resources for Everyone

Issue 6 (1-22-02) From Conflicts to Calming —
Pedestrian and Bicycle Research is Being Applied

Issue 5 (12-17-01) Dollars and Sense for Peds and Bikes —
Planning and the Economics of Nonmotorized Transportation

Issue 4 (11-19-01) Safe Behavior and Prevention of Injuries to Pedestrians and Bicyclists

Issue 3 (10-16-01) Reducing air pollution and increasing livability through improving the pedestrian and bicycling environment.

Issue 2 (09-18-01) Walking for health and fitness.

Issue 1 (08-22-01) How livable communities support sustainable transportation.

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