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: three perfect days in silicon valley
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: what happens next

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Features & Articles : Three Perfect Days in Silicon Valley


What Happens Next?
page 8

Fired with enthusiasm, the six MPO staff attending the training are now back in their respective communities figuring out how, where and when they are going to host their week-long series of eight walking audits. One criteria by which the six MPOs were selected was also their expected ability to eventually host many more than the original eight audits, and the program was established in the hopes that these MPOs would be a very visible model for other MPOs to follow.

Indeed, the announcement of the grant program has already spurred more walkability workshops. The Puget Sound Regional Council has scheduled a number for mid-May, and the Baltimore MPO, one of the unsuccessful applicants, has already contracted directly with the instructors to go ahead and do a series of workshops anyway. In Colorado Springs, the Pikes Peak MPO has hired two other instructors (Charlie Gandy and Kit Keller) to run the show for them in late April and early May. Gandy also says there's strong interest in the New York City area and in central Utah.

If you want to bring a series of these workshops to your community, contact any of the following folks:

Dan Burden at Walkable Communities

Charlie Gandy at Livable Communities Consulting

John Williams at BikePlan


For More Information: is the home site for Dan Burden's Walkable Communities, Inc., and has an extensive array of graphics, reports and other information about walkable communities. It also has Dan's calendar�so if you're hoping to bring Dan to your community, book early and book often. is the home page for the FHWA's Pedestrian Roadshow. is the home of the Association of Pedestrian and Bicycle Professionals. Their site has an extensive series of links to state and local pedestrian programs. is the home of America Walks, a national coalition of pedestrian advocacy groups. is the home of the hugely popular Walk to School Day event held annually in October. You can also link to an international site documenting similar events in many other countries.