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: safe bicycling for children

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Features & Articles : Safe Bicycling for Children

As warm weather fast approaches and the kids are clamoring to ride their bikes until the late summer sun fades, it's a smart idea to refresh your family's bicycling safety knowledge.

Most of the links and articles are for you to read and share with your children. Some, like the coloring pages, are for your children to work with themselves. Coloring in Ernie and his helmet may help to familiarize your child with wearing a helmet while on a bicycle.

General Safety

Gearing up for Bicycle Safety
This article includes advice on riding with children (trailers, seats, tandems), helmet guidelines, and tips for teaching you child safe bicycling skills and hand signals. safe/outdoor/bike_safety.html

National Bicycle Safety Network's Bicycle Safety Month Section
This section features safety tips for children and further resources to help you and your family avoid injuries.


Specialists at the Children's Memorial Medical Center in Chicago discuss the perfect bike helmet.
by The Editors of Sesame Street Parents
Helpful tips for outfitting your child with a bicycle helmet.,6412,29060,00.html

National Bicycle Safety Network's Bike Helmet Section
This page's strength is that it provides links to several key websites dedicated to bicycle helmets.

Coloring Pages for Kids

Ernie on his Bike

Prairie Dawn Wears Her Helmet