Funding Resources and Research

document Bicycling and Walking in North Carolina, A Long Range Transportation Plan, North Carolina Department of Transportation
The North Carolina pedestrian plan builds upon the state's long-range transportation plan, elaborating on the goals, focus areas, and programming specific to walking. ...more >
document Overcoming Opposition to Bicycling, Walking and Trail Development, National Bicycle and Pedestrian Clearinghouse
This report focuses on ways to create trails in communities with localized resistance to the construction. ...more >
web Oregon Department of Transportation Bicycle and Pedestrian Program, State of Oregon
This site provides infomation for local residents in addition to a variety of resources adaptable to general users, including design guides and standard drawings. ...more >
document Arizona: Statewide Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan, Arizona Department of Transportation
This is a guide for making pedestrian-related transportation decisions at the State and local level. The plan provides a long-term agenda for implementing a system of pedestrian facilities on the ADOT State Highway System and seeks to coordinate the relationship between ADOT and smaller jurisdictions. ...more >
document Active Transportation Policy Issues, Victoria Transport Policy Institute
This paper provides background information on active transportation to facilitate discussion of national active transportation policy and legislation at the Active Transportation Roundtable. ...more >
document The Economic Impact of Bicycling in Wisconsin, Governor's Bicycle Coordinating Council, Wisconsin Department of Transportation
This economic overview shows how Wisconsin's investments in bicycling generate significant returns in the form of public health and safety, economic development and job growth. ...more >
document The Economic Impact of Investments in Bicycle Facilities, North Carolina Department of Transportation, Division of Bicycle and Pedestrian Transportation
This study overview summarizes the results of a study of the economic impacts of bicycle facility investments in the North Carolina Outer Banks conducted in 2003. ...more >
document From the Margins to the Mainstream, Surface Transportation Policy Partnership
Designed to demystify complexities of transportation laws, programs and processes, the Guide can help take advantage of opportunities to make communities healthy, safe and livable. ...more >
document Bicyclists Pay More Than Their Fair Share, Texas Bicycle Coalition
This brochure educates the public on the costs paid by bicyclists for the urban transportation system. ...more >
document California Bicycle Helmet Campaign, State of California
The California Bicycle Helmet Campaign is designed to educate families and promote bicycle helmet use. This document contains a 13 step guide to conducting a safe bicycle helmet campaign. ...more >