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How many bicycles are stolen each year?
In 2004, the Federal Bureau of Investigation reported an estimated 6,947,685 "larceny/thefts" of which bicycle thefts accounted for 3.6 percent, or more than 250,000. The average value of a stolen bike was estimated at $ ...more >
When should bicyclists ride on the sidewalk?
In general, bicyclists are better off using the road rather than the sidewalk. However, there may be times even confident cyclists sometimes choose to ride on the sidewalk because there is simply no safe place for them on the roadway. ...more >
How can law enforcement improve conditions for bicyclists?
Clearly enforcement has a role to play in helping to reduce the numbers of bicyclists and other road users killed and injured in traffic crashes. Bicyclists and pedestrians are particularly vulnerable to crashes with motor vehicles. ...more >
Does the Federal government have a policy on bicycle access to interstates?
No. The Federal Highway Administration considers bike access to interstates strictly a state decision and has no policy on this issue. ...more >
Are bicyclists required to wear helmets?
A number of states and localities have passed laws requiring the use of helmets by bicyclists -- usually targeted at children under the age of 16, although this varies widely. No states have yet passed a law requiring adults to wear helmets. ...more >