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How can bicycles and bicycling infrastructure be integrated with transit?
There are many ways that bicycles and transit (both bus and rail) facilities and services can be connected and integrated for the mutual gain of both bicyclists and transit authorities. Bicycles on transit Bicycles on buses Bike on bus programs have become quite popular across the country. ...more >
What communities are integrating bicycling and transit facilities, and how?
Bicycle and transit integration has increased substantially since the early 1990s. Prior to the 1990s, few transit agencies provided bike on bus, bike on train, or bike of ferry options, though initial efforts to integrate bicycles and transit had begun. ...more >
What are the benefits of integrating bicycle facilities and transit?
There are many benefits to integrating bicycles and transit for both transit agencies and travelers. Bicycling and public transit are both great transportation options that can reduce congestion, improve air quality, ...more >
What are the cost considerations and funding opportunities for integrating bicycles and transit?
Costs and other considerations for bicyclists Typically, bicycle facilities and services are provided to riders at little to no additional cost. Most bicycle parking is free, though enhanced parking, ...more >