Why do people ride bicycles?

The February 2003 Omnibus Survey conducted by the Bureau of Transportation Statistics (BTS) found that of the 20.9 million people riding bikes the majority reported doing so for exercise/health (41 percent) and recreation (37 percent). Only 5 percent reported commuting to work by bicycle as the primary use of the bicycle during the previous 30 days.

The 2002 National Survey of Pedestrian and Bicyclist Attitudes and Behaviors also reported on the purpose of respondent's bicycle trips. The survey found that exercise and health for recreation followed the largest percentage of trips.

2002 Purpose of Bicycle Trips:

Exercise or health reasons23.6%
To go home14.2%
Personal errands
To visit a friend or relative 10.1%
Commuting to school/work 5.0%
Bicycle ride 2.3%
Other 4.9%