Do any airport authorities provide for long-term bicycle parking?

Victoria (British Columbia) International Airport introduced bicycle facilities in preparation for the 2004 Pro Walk/Pro Bike conference. Local advocates worked with the airport to identify projects to accommodate cyclists traveling and commuting to the airport. These facilities included

  • Bike racks and a weather shelter for short-term parking.
  • An assembly station with a work-stand, basic tools and a secure floor pump for traveling cyclists to re-assemble or box their bikes.
  • A "box exchange" system that allows cyclists to store bicycle boxes for re-use on return journeys.
  • Bicycle lanes on the airport's main access road to link nearby cycling routes and trails to the airport complex.

A permanent, attractive and robust purpose-built shelter was completed in 2007. Discussions continued on the need for long-term parking facilities to serve cyclists looking for enhanced security options at the terminal.

Bicycle lockers at Victoria International Airport are located near the departure lounge and adjacent to a bicycle assembly station. They can be rented from airport security.

Photo: John Luton

Advocates proposed lockers and provided recommendations on product and system models suitable for use at the terminal. A popular brand of lockers was installed in May 2008 adjacent to the assembly station and across from the departures terminal. Signs direct users to the airport security office where access keys can be arranged for $2 a day.

Victoria's airport bicycle lockers are a new installation and have not yet been marketed extensively. No usage data are available to date, but interest expressed in the service was instrumental in advancing the project.