Crash and Safety Resources and Research

document Sense and Nonsense About Shared Space,
This paper examines the traffic safety improvements and potential conflicts associated with shared space implementation in Germany and the Netherlands. ...more >
document Police Enforcement and Driving Speed, Institute for Road Safety Research (SWOV)
The paper evaluates current techniques used by police to enforce speed limits, and recommends new strategies. ...more >
document Crossing Facilities for Cyclists and Pedestrians, Institute for Road Safety Research (SWOV)
This document presents data on roadway crossing safety, and recommends strategies that can be incorporated to better-understand and improve crossing facilities. ...more >
document Vulnerable Road Users, Institute for Road Safety Research (SWOV)
This paper defines a "vulnerable" road user, and presents methods for determining who is vulnerable, as well as measures for protecting these individuals. ...more >
document Cyclists, Institute for Road Safety Research (SWOV)
This paper introduces cyclists as a vulnerable road user, and outlines specific vulnerabilities and ways to accommodate their needs. ...more >
document Bicycle Helmets, Institute for Road Safety Research (SWOV)
The report outlines the importance of bicycle helmets, from good fit to frequent use, and gives statistics related to their use. ...more >
document Bicycle Facilities on Road Segments and Intersections of Distributor Roads, Institute for Road Safety Research (SWOV)
The issue of separating bicycle facilities from motorized traffic is discussed, with both pros and cons considered. ...more >
document Bicycling and Walking in the United States: 2012 Benchmarking Report, Alliance for Biking and Walking
The benchmarking report analyzes bicycling and walking mode share, safety, and funding data across the US. ...more >
document Integration of Bicycling and Walking Facilities into the Infrastructure of Urban Communities, Mineta Transportaton Institute
This project highlights best practices and identifies program characteristics associated with high levels of nonmotorized travel, with an emphasis on bicyclists and pedestrians. ...more >
document Review of Studies on Pedestrian and Bicyclist Safety, 1991-2007, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA)
This report reviews the pedestrian and bicyclist safety research literature in print as of 2007. It summarizes and synthesizes the key studies, evaluates existing knowledge and identifies research gaps and provides recommendations for future direction. ...more >