This appendix includes the 10 forms that are available in the default database of the application (PBCAT.MDB). Any of these databases may be edited to meet the data entry needs of a State or local agency. Refer to chapter 5 for further instruction. The forms included are as follows:

The forms containing “all” database fields may be most useful to those users planning to use PBCAT to store and manage all pedestrian and bicyclist collision data in this application. The forms with crash type information only may be utilized by those users who plan to export the crash typing information and merge it with another database that contains the other crash data elements.

Figure 121. Ped_All_Data_Milepost Form


Figure 122. Ped_All_Data_Refpost Form


Figure 123. Ped_All_Data_RouteName Form


Figure 124. Ped_All_Data_LinkNode Form


Figure 125. Ped_Crash_Type Form


Figure 126. Bike_All_Data_Milepost Form


Figure 127. Bike_All_Data_Refpost Form


Figure 128. Bike_All_Data_RouteName Form


Figure 129. Bike_All_Data_LinkNode Form


Figure 130. Bike_Crash_Type Form