PBCAT Manual & Tech Support

The complete user's manual is included in the software download. You can also view the user's manual separately here. For technical support, please send an email to pbic@pedbikeinfo.org. It will be forwarded to the PBCAT technical support group.

User's Manual Files
Name HTML file PDF file
Introductory material intro.html intro.pdf
Chapter 1 chapter1.html chapter1.pdf
Chapter 2 chapter2.html chapter2.pdf
Chapter 3 chapter3.html chapter3.pdf
Chapter 4 chapter4.html chapter4.pdf
Chapter 5 chapter5.html chapter5.pdf
Chapter 6 chapter6.html chapter6.pdf
Chapter 7 chapter7.html chapter7.pdf
Chapter 8 chapter8.html chapter8.pdf
Chapter 9 chapter9.html chapter9.pdf
Appendix A appendix_a.html appendix_a.pdf
Appendix B appendix_b.html appendix_b.pdf
Appendix C appendix_c.html appendix_c.pdf
Appendix D appendix_d.html appendix_d.pdf
Appendix E appendix_e.html appendix_e.pdf
Appendix F appendix_f.html appendix_f.pdf
Appendix G appendix_g.html appendix_g.pdf
Appendix H appendix_h.html appendix_h.pdf
References references.html references.pdf
Full document   PBCAT_manual.pdf
Supplement 1: V.1 to V.2 Crash types mapping
Full document (XLS) Pedestrian (PDF) Bicyclist (PDF)