Engineering Resources and Research

document The Influence of Traffic Calming Devices Upon Fire Vehicle Travel Times, Portland Department of Transportation
The paper presents the results of a research project conducted by the City of Portland to measure the affects of both traffic circles and speed bumps on response times for various types of fire apparatus. ...more >
document Achieving Support for Traffic Mitigation from Elected Officials and Emergency Services, City of Phoenix, Arizona, Institute of Transportation Engineers
This paper discusses techniques for achieving support from neighborhood residents, elected officials, emergency service providers, and more. Also provided is a brief introduction to Phoenix and a description of Phoenix' ...more >
document Environmental Factors Associated with Adults' Participation in Physical Activity., American Journal of Preventive Medicine
This paper provides an overview of the measures that have been used to assess environmental attributes and to review the patterns of environment-behavior associations that have thus far been identified. ...more >
web Completing the Streets for Transit, National Complete Streets Coalition, Transportation Planning Capacity Building Program
The National Complete Streets Coalition is working to fully integrate multi-modal planning practices into everyday activities at transportation planning agencies. ...more >
web Appropriate Traffic Calming Techniques for Small Iowa Communities, Shauna Hallmark
The purpose of the project was to evaluate traffic-calming treatments on the major road through small Iowa communities using either single-measure low-cost or gateway treatments. ...more >
document Streets for People: Your Guide to Winning Safer and Quieter Streets, Transportation Alternatives
Streets for Poeple is a tool kit of solutions for traffic problems around New York City, which can be applied elsewhere. The document includes information of crashes, highlights case studies, and reviews a number of traffic calming measures. ...more >
document Trail Construction and Maintenance Notebook, United States Department of Agriculture Forest Service, Recreational Trails Program, Federal Highway Administration
This guide focuses on the basics of trail construction and maintenance, presented it in an easy-to-understand fashion, and oriented just to activities done in the field. ...more >
multimedia Bike and Pedestrian Projects: Best Practices in New Jersey and Beyond, Transportation Policy Institute
This presentation shows examples of good pedestrian and bicycle design in New Jersey. It discusses the need for pedestrian and bicycle facilities and the impact that walkable designs have on public health. ...more >
web Study of Optimal Travel Speed Limits for Shared Travel, New Jersey Department of Transportation
This report summarizes the results of the work performed under the project Study of Optimal Travel Speed Limits for Shared Traffic. ...more >
document Bikeway Planning and Design, California Highway Design
This section of a design manual provides various design information for bikeway planning and design. Topics covered include facility selection, design criteria, design speeds, suface tolerances, and more. ...more >