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education issues & programs

enforcement issues & programs

FHWA bicycle safety education resource center

Education & Enforcement Home

No matter how good conditions are for bicycling in your community, bicyclists and motorists need to know how to safely interact with each other on the roads, and both bicyclists and motorists need to know how to safely handle their respective vehicles. That's where education comes in. And when the system breaks down and there is conflict, there must be reliable, consistent enforcement of traffic laws to ensure bad behavior is punished or corrected.

  :: education issues & programs
education issues and programs
It's never too late to be a better bicyclist or motorist! Learn about the most
important safe riding techniques and driving strategies that will make the roads safer for everyone. more>>
:: enforcement issues & programs
enforcement issues and programs
Enforcement of bad driving or riding behavior is rare and doesn't win many friends for the law enforcement community. Learn the ways in which enforcement can play a constructive role in improving bicycle safety. more>>