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Welcome to the Bicycle Safety Education Resource Center
Do you have a bicycle education resource that you would like others to learn about? FHWA is accepting resource submissions for possible inclusion in the national database. Click here to submit a resource

This Resource Center provides bicycle safety education information for the following groups: Preschool (under age 5), Beginner (ages 5-8), Young (Ages 9-12), teenage (13+), Adult, Senior, Motorists, and Adults Teaching Children. The Resource Center consists of three parts. The first part is a Database, where you can search for specific training materials for your intended audience. In addition, you can submit a program for possible inclusion in the database. The second part is a Database Guide that identifies the training needs of the eight different audiences identified above. The third part is a Good Practices Guide that will guide you through the process of designing your own program. Please use the "User Feedback" to let us know if the information was useful, success stories of your own, problems you encountered using it, etc. Good luck with your program!

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A guide to developing your own bicycle education program or selecting the most effective program for your needs.

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    title arrow Education Resource Database

The Resource Database can help you identify a selection of bicycle safety education training materials that address the recommended topics and sub-topics for a target audience.

Follow these steps to use the database

1. view database guide
Use the Guide to identify the training needs for your target audience.

2. view resource database
Use the database to find bicycle safety education training materials for your target audience.

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