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Enforcement Issues & Programs

Bicycle riders are usually the focus when police think of enforcing bicycle laws. We've all seen riders running red lights, riding on the sidewalk, or riding at night without lights and wanted them to be stopped and ticketed! However, many bicycle crashes are caused by the bad behavior of motorists, and drivers may not realize the impact of riding too close to a cyclist or speeding past a rider just to cut in front of them and make a right turn. Good law enforcement strategies will target both cyclist and motorist and will focus on behaviors that cause the greatest fear or danger.

enforcement issues and programs

training courses and instructors

  law enforcement and bicycle safety
link to outside site - bike laws
Educational approaches and strategies to law enforcement and bicycle safety.

the bicyclist

the bicyclist
Enforcement targeted at the bicyclist can be a challenge. Learn about the issues and how to deal with them.

the motorist

the motorist
Motorists who don't respect bicyclists are a danger. Learn about how to target the motorist and what to look for.


Bicycle helmets are a proven way of reducing the death and injury toll from bicycle crashes.