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FHWA bicycle safety education resource center

The Wide Weird World of Cycling
some offbeat and entertaining spots to visit

Even the less fanatic cyclist gets curious sometimes. Step into the culture of cycling- take a look at these fun, strange, and informative sites.

Marcel Duchamp stunned the modern art world with his revolutionary Surrealist sculpture of a bicycle wheel. And whether a 1960s monk forged the supposed Leonardo da Vinci bicycle sketch or not, bicycling and the arts have forever been linked.

Bicycle Paintings & Custom Bicycle Portraits
View painter and printmaker Taliah Lempert's enigmatic portraits of your favorite vehicle; link to other bicycling-friendly sites; and even send a free bicycling postcard to a friend.

Bicycle Art by Leni Fried Designs
Established printmaker Leni Fried has an unusual side project- painting bike frames. "Your bike should reflect your personality," she advises.

Tempe Cultural Services - Artist-Adorned Transit Stops
Tempe's "Artist-Adorned Transit Stops" feature artistic, playful designs that encourage the use of mass transit and showcase the artwork of five local and national aritists (July 2005-January 2006).

Unique Cycling Sculptures by Russ Erganbright.

Sculptor David Johnstone makes tiny replicas of cruisers, road bikes, mountain bikes, tricycles, and even old-fashioned high wheels. And if you fancy a bicycle dangling from your ears or around your neck, check out his cycle jewelry, too.

Sellwood Cycle Repair's Vintage Bicycle Poster Gallery
A gallery of 19th century bicycle posters. (Sorry, these aren't for sale- but you can look for free.)


The Bicycle Museum of America
The New Bremen, Ohio museum has created a great photographic timeline depicting the evolution of the bicycle.

Cycling Before Lycra
Cycling Before Lycra? If you can't remember or imagine it, this site will help. Loaded with old photos and stories, this site is a must-see.


Exploratorium's Science of Cycling
The Science of Cycling: Learn why cycling is the most efficient means of transportation. Learn about aerodynamics and human power. See illustrations of the first ever "bicycle" or "swiftwalker," and more.


Bicycle Movies -- Massachusetts Bicycle Coalition
From the Bicycle Thief to Pee-Wee Herman's elusive stolen bike, here's a guide to bicycles on the silver screen. Brought to you by the Massachusetts Bicycle Coalition.

Bicycle Movies --
A less comprehensive list, but this site mentions a few that Mass Bike missed. Many have been screened at the weekly "Bike-In Theatre" in Austin, Texas; try hosting your own roll-in screenings.

Special Interest Cycling

Yahoo Recreation > Sports > Cycling
Oh yeah, the sport of cycling. Need a head's up? Here's a great place to start. You'll find links here related to all aspects of touring, racing, dirt biking, mountain biking, and plain ole everyday get-from-Point-A-to-Point-B cycling.

Mike's Mega Bicycling Links
More links than you can shake a stick at, from touring and other fun stuff to safety and riding tips.

A Bicycling Magazine for Everyday Cyclists
From tips on street smarts to ways to integrate cycling into your daily life & more.

Girl Groove
"Where the rubber meets the road... and the dirt." An online cycling magazine for girls and women
Another good site for female cyclists with touring tips, reviews of gear and women's cycling books, as well as links to specialized bargain shopping sources and other helpful spots on the web.

Biking in snow and ice? Yes it's possible. Read all about it here.