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FHWA bicycle safety education resource center

Overview - building blocks for better bicycling

For adults and children who are learning to cycle for the very first time... For senior adults returning to cycling after a long absence... For motorists who are more likely find themselves behind a steering wheel than handlebars...

Sharing the road safely entails everyone following the same road rules. But what concerns you most may change with age or level of interest. Using the U.S. DOT-adopted National Bicycle Safety Education Curriculum model, and in consultation with NHTSA, FHWA, and the League of American Bicyclists, Bicyclinginfo has compiled a series of factsheets highlighting the most important education lessons and issues for each stage and age of your cycling history. (Read the full DOT report here.)

Download our factsheets and share the information. Read articles on the issues that may affect different age groups - and some of the educational programs that address them. When you're done browsing here, link to our "More Resources for the Road" or visit other recommended sites in the bicycling community.