Educate Drivers and Bicyclists

Education can be a powerful tool for changing behavior and improving safety skills. Bicyclists and motorists alike can benefit from educational tools and messages that teach them the rules, rights, and responsibilities of various modes of travel.

There are major differences in the bicycling abilities, behavioral patterns, and learning capacities of different groups of bicyclists and other road users. For example, children have different physical and psychological abilities than adult bicyclists, young drivers exhibit different behaviors and driving skills than older drivers, and college age bicyclists may be reached through educational outlets that differ from those of other groups. Because of this, educational programs need to be tailored to the specific audiences they intend to address and to the behaviors they seek to modify.

This section provides important messages for a range of different audiences that can be part of an educational campaign or program. It also offers links for finding more information related to bicycling education.