Sample Bicycle Plans

This list of bicycle and pedestrian plans was compiled to provide easy access to a number of good examples of bicycle and pedestrian planning. It isn’t a comprehensive list of such plans, and it makes no attempt to rank or rate the plans. If you are embarking on the development of a bicycle and/or pedestrian plan, these examples will provide you with inspiration and information that we hope you’ll find useful.

Statewide Plans

Arizona Statewide Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan
This is a guide for making pedestrian-related transportation decisions at the State and local level. The plan provides a long-term agenda for implementing a system of pedestrian facilities on the ADOT State Highway System and seeks to coordinate the relationship between ADOT and smaller jurisdictions.
California Pedestrian and Bicycle Facilities: Technical Report
Caltrans’s Technical Reference Report is intended to help accommodate pedestrian transportation throughout the State of California. It is intended as a resource for professionals, agency staff, and citizens.
District of Columbia Traffic Calming Policies and Guidelines
To reduce the negative impact of motor vehicle use and ensure overall safety, the District of Columbia Traffic Calming Policies and Guidelines provides a process for involving the public in implementing traffic calming measures.
Florida Bicycle Facilities Planning and Design Handbook
A detailed manual on bicycle facility planning and development. Thorough coverage of planning factors, design detail, and more.
Georgia Pedestrian Facilities Design Guide
The guide focuses on the design of pedestrian environments and streetscape facilities. It offers technical information on “best practices” that apply to situations encountered in project development.
Idaho Bicycle and Pedestrian Transportation Plan
A clear, simple statement of goals and objectives combined with helpful planning and design information for local agencies.
New Jersey Statewide Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan
An update of the ground-breaking 1995 plan is underway. Visit the web site to see how the plan is progressing.
North Carolina Bicycling and Walking: A Long Range Transportation Plan
Developed by the Office of Bicycle and Pedestrian Transportation of the NCDOT, this pedestrian plan builds upon the NC long-range transportation plan, elaborating on the goals, focus areas, and programming specific to walking.
Oregon Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan
A statewide planning and design guide for both bicycle and pedestrian modes; contains useful graphics and information about many innovative approaches to accommodating bicycling and walking.
Vermont Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan
Useful sections on implementation and the roles of different agencies and partners.
Virginia Statewide Multimodal Transportation Plan
This plan is a tool for establishing a consistent approach to integrate a consideration for walking into transportation planning in Virginia. The preliminary draft remains general, providing a basic framework of the vision, strategies, and action items.
Washington Pedestrian Facilities Guidebook
The purpose of the Pedestrian Facilities Guidebook is to assist various agencies and organizations in pedestrian planning and encourage good design practices when developing these spaces. It discusses the importance of construction, maintenance, and operations.
Wisconsin Pedestrian Policy Plan
This Statewide pedestrian plan focuses on the policies and programs that will help improve conditions for walking.

Regional Plans

Anne Arundel County Maryland: Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan
This plan gives residents and visitors the convenient and comfortable option of bicycling and walking for transportation and recreation.
Forsyth County Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan
This suburban/rural county in the Atlanta metro area is in the midst of creating their first nonmotorized plan.
Jessamine and Fayette Counties, Kentucky: Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan
This plan presents a vision for making the region a better place to bicycle, walk and live.  It is the result of a major planning effort that assessed each community’s bicycle and pedestrian needs, determined public desires and developed strategic goals.
Knoxville Regional Bicycle Plan
A comprehensive regional plan that incorporates by adoption the US DOT design guidance on accommodating bicycles. Specific roles and responsibilities laid out; extensive resources made available.
Madison/Dane County Bicycle Transportation Plan
A comprehensive plan for “making the region an even better place to bicycle” that includes an impressive needs assessment and priority list of projects that are scheduled. Covers engineering, education, encouragement, and enforcement in detail.
Maricopa County Bicycle Transportation System Plan
The policies in this plan institutionalize bicycle accommodation within the agency; a map provides the starting point for improvements in this rapidly growing area surrounding Phoenix, AZ.
MTC Regional Bicycle Plan
An element in the San Francisco Bay Area’s regional transportation plan; identifies a 1,600 mile bikeway network and a $700 million funding goal.
Puget Sound Regional Bicycle and Pedestrian Implementation Strategy
A regional plan (Seattle-area) identifying more than 2,000 miles of needed bike lanes and paths and pedestrian improvements around activity centers.
San Diego Planning and Designing for Pedestrians
These guidelines provide a thorough look at how to plan and design for the pedestrian. The plan discusses the land use and community structure elements that affect the pedestrian environment.
Seattle Regional Bicycle and Pedestrian Implementation Strategy
This regional plan identifies more than 2,000 miles of needed bike lanes and oaths and pedestrian improvements around activity centers.

Local Plans

Austin Bicycle Plan
A two-part plan that provides the policy and programming aspects first, and the design details second. A good example of action plans.
Bellevue, Washington Pedestrian and Bicycle Plan Update
This is a policy-oriented document that aims to revise the 30-year plan. It presents key issues that have appeared during the implementation of pedestrian facilities, proving to be a helpful resource for localities considering such improvements.
Boulder Transportation Master Plan
Bicycle and pedestrian planning are fully integrated into the Boulder, CO transportation master plan, with modal split targets of 15 percent of trips by bike and 24 percent by foot by 2020.
Brunswick Bicycle and Pedestrian Improvements Plan
A great example of a plan for a small town of just 15,000; includes specific planned or proposed improvements, design recommendations.
Chapel Hill, North Carolina: Bicycle and Pedestrian Action Plan>
This is a concise, general plan that provides a foundation for future pedestrian planning. The plan contains information on policies and guidelines that should be used in planning for future pedestrian needs.
Davis Bike Plan
Even the city with the highest level of bike use in the nation still needs a bike plan to keep people riding and improve the scope, operation, and maintenance of the already-extensive bikeway network.
Denver Bicycle Master Plan Update
A comprehensive bicycle plan adopted in 2002 that updates a 1993 plan. Addresses everything from design standards to route networks cost estimates for missing links, etc.
Long Beach Bicycle Master Plan
Clear and concise plan that incorporates user input and provides project ranking and priorities.
Los Angeles Bicycle Plan
A chapter in the transportation element of the city’s General Plan; very accessible information with clear assignment of responsibility and lead roles.
Marina Pedestrian and Bicycle Master Plan
This plan contains a clear outline and discussion of goals and action strategies. It offers a comprehensive street inventory and assessment of deficiencies.
Mesa Regional Transportation Plan
The City of Mesa’s long range transportation plan has a chapter of bicycling and on walking that provide a good overview of design and planning issues. Contains a vision, objectives, policies, and actions.
New York City Bicycle Master Plan
The plan identifies a 900-mile bikeway network with critical coverage of bridge access and transit issues; links to the 350-mile greenway network.
Portland Bicycle Master Plan
Significant not just because of the quality of plan itself but also the five-year review of progress that documents how much of the plan has been implemented. Includes good design information.
Seattle Bicycle Master Plan
The Seattle Bicycle Master Plan defines a set of actions, to be completed within 10 years, to make Seattle the best community for bicycling in the United States. By increasing support for bicycling, the city will make its transportation system more environmentally, economically, and socially sustainable.
Bike 2015 Plan: The Pedestrian and Bicycle Plan for Chicago Area Transportation
Another work in progress that is worth watching. This regional plan will encompass the six-county Chicago metropolitan area.
Toronto Bike Plan: Shifting Gears
Comprehensive plan addressing a large metropolitan area (undertaken after the city was enlarged) that includes good case statement and policies, extensive network development, and cost estimates for implementation.
University of Connecticut Master Plan
The campus of the university is being redesigned with pedestrians at the core.

Trail/Greenway Plans

Iowa Trails 2000
A tremendous resource with clear vision and objectives statements, cost estimates, design information, and much more.
Maricopa County
Includes a policy requiring all County departments to include regional trails in the planning and design of any project near or adjacent to the 221-mile proposed network.
New York City Greenway Plan
A plan for a 350-mile network of urban greenways criss-crossing New York City.

Site Plans

Portland International Airport Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan
The Portland International Airport developed this plan to help provide better pedestrian and bicycle access to the airport.