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Long term parking

Long term parking usually suggests that the bicyclist is leaving the bike all day, or overnight, or for an even longer duration. Obviously the level of security and protection from the elements needs to be greater, but the immediate convenience of the parking facility may not be as important. For secure, all-day or overnight parking, for instance, the Portland guide assumes that riders will be willing to walk a short distance (e.g.750 feet) to or from their destination.

Long-term parking options include:

  • Lockers, individual lockers for one or two bicycles
  • Racks in an enclosed, lockable room
  • Racks in an area that is monitored by security cameras or guards (within 100 feet)
  • Racks or lockers in an area always visible to employees

A growing number of communities are supporting the development of centrally-located secure bicycle parking garages that also offer bike rentals and repairs, easy links to transit, showers and lockers, and a variety of other services. There are three Bikestations in California and similar facilities under development in Fort Collins, and Denver, Colorado , Seattle, Pittsburgh and Chicago.

bicycle parking
  1. planning to install bike parking
  2. finding a good location
  3. choosing the type of rack
  4. short-term parking
  5. long term parking
  6. spacing and siting standards
  7. covered parking
  8. signs
  9. amount of parking

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