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: basics of bicycle advocacy
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: choosing issues
: acquiring resources
: marshaling resources
: working with the media
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Initiating Change

Changing the face of bicycling in your community requires time and effort.
Bicycle advocates all around the country at the local, state, regional and national levels know the first course of action to make your area bicycle friendly is to organize. The following resources include how to organize and grow your bicycle advocacy organization, how to acquire resources, working with the media and community leaders and choosing issues.

Begin with these topics:

Basics of Bicycle Advocacy - This is a simple breakdown of the advocacy process and how to get started.
  Group Organizing - How does one begin to assemble and manage a group of like-minded individuals? Find out here.
  Choosing Issues - Choose your issues's how.
  Acquiring resources - Setup a framework that allows your group the best possible chance to garner resources.
  Marshaling resources - These are the seeds that will help your group identify possible sources of information, support and funding.
  Working with the media - Learn the basics to help your group become more media savvy and as a result, more effective.
Working with community leaders - Tips on how to create a productive working relationship with those in the community. .

  Related topics in other sections
Education and Enforcement - Educate people in your community about the importance of bicycling.