Opening Adobe PDF Documents
When Using Internet Explorer
  Sometimes, when one is using Internet Explorer and attempts to view a large Adobe PDF document in the browser window, the interactivity of the two programs (IE and Adobe Reader) can cause various computer problems to occur, resulting in the inability to open the document. Here are a couple ways to get around this problem:

Right-mouse click on the document link and choose "Save target as..."
This way, you can save the PDF document to your hard drive or a floppy disk and subsequently open the document in Adobe Reader. In addition, if you're saving a particularly large PDF document, this method opens a window that allows you to view the progress of the download.

Change the browser integration preference in Adobe Reader.
This action, in a sense, turns off the integration of the Internet Explorer browser and the Adobe Reader and allows them to function independently. So, when you click on the PDF file to view the document, it will no longer open in the browser but rather, directly in Adobe Reader. To change the preference, open Adobe Reader and select Preferences, and then General. Somewhere within the menu choices (this depends on the version you have installed) should be a box that you can uncheck that says, "Display PDF in Browser". Click "OK" and close Adobe Reader. When you click on the PDF link, the document should now open in Adobe Reader, not in the browser window.